About Us

In February 2013, Éditions Brault & Bouthillier Inc., established in 1996, became Kinesis Education.

Kinesis Education Inc. will carry on the publishing activities begun in 1965 by Brault & Bouthillier Ltd. distribution company and pursued seamlessly by Éditions Brault & Bouthillier Inc., under the new banner: Kinesis Education Inc.

Our publishing expertise

We specialize in textbooks, cartography in the form of pedagogical maps, self-checking educational student resources, teaching materials such as diagnostic and ongoing assessment teacher resources in both English and French.

Our catalogue includes over 500 titles.

Our collections

Quickcheck Math
Amerix Educational Maps
Teaching Practices

Our mission

Our mission has been the same since our company was created over 50 years ago: to publish high-quality, high-performing content that encourages the use of different teaching approaches and that is free from any commercial influence. We aim to work closely with our users, including both teachers and students.

We favour humble perfection (excellence), while too many among us settle for, favour, tolerate, accept… pretentious mediocrity. Jules Châtelain (1939-2014)

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