Parents Section

Parents Section

Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing the best learning resources for your child or teenager? Depending on your child’s age and the subject of interest, we suggest starting with the following products:

Kindergarten to Grade 3 – Mathematics
QuickCheck Math: Instructional Student Resources (ISR) Grade Centre Pack for kindergarten
Also available for Grades 1 to 3

Age 3 +
Veritech6: Set of 3 BABA books + Veritech6 case

Veritech: Set of 6 books:All About Me + Veritech case

Literacy: Ages 4 to 11
Veritech: Choice of 8 books
For instance, We’d Better Get a Letter + Veritech case

Numeracy: Ages 5 to 12
Veritech: Choice of 8 books
For instance, Mathemagician + Veritech case

Natural Sciences: Ages 4 to 8+
Veritech : Choice of 8 books
For instance, Birds, Beasts, and Bugs + Veritech case