Quickcheck Math

Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3

Instill a love for math with Quickcheck.

The information contained in this section is designed for educators at the primary level and their students: from K to 3. For example, kindergarten teachers, elementary teachers, remedial and special education teachers, resource teachers, psycho-educators, learning specialists, socio-educational workers, educational therapists as well as early childhood educators.

Quickcheck Math: developed for K to 3 students, according to the Ontario Math curriculum.

Quickcheck Math: hands-on self-checking resource ideal for assessing, practising, and consolidating key Math concepts.

Quickcheck Math helps meet your full-day kindergarten needs!

Quickcheck Math Instructional Student Resources (ISR) Grade Centre Pack Kindergarten: provides children with time to practise and consolidate their learning through mathematical investigations that take place through free exploration, focused exploration and guided activity. Also available for Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3.

Quickcheck Math Instructional Student Resources (ISR) Primary Package: visual puzzle-like format ideal for differentiated instruction. All students can experience success!

Quickcheck Math Assessment Teacher Resources (ATR) Primary Package : provides ready-made math assessment for all five strands from K to 3. Makes assessment interviewing easier and more relevant for all your students.
Diagnostic ATR Grade 1: check in with students prior to and throughout the learning cycle. Also available for Grade 2 and Grade 3.
Ongoing ATR Grade 1: monitor student progress and develop learning goals to further students’ growth and success. Available for all levels K to 3.

The What to look for section in the ATRs: connect your assessment observations to your comments for report cards.

Quickcheck Math ATR Kindergarten add-on Package for teachers who have already purchased the ISR Grade Centre Pack. Also available for Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3.

For parents and homeschoolers, please consult our Parents Section. A PDF document titled Quickcheck Math Price List/Order Form provides individually priced resources.



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